Monday,  November 6, 2017, at work my phone wouldn’t stop vibrating a little after 8 pm. At 9:55 I take a short break to check what the fuss is about. I had 6 missed calls from my husband. One text saying 911.

My heart starts racing, on my way to the breakroom, I tell one of my leads something is happening at home and I have to call my husband.  

With tremblimg hands I dial his number. He answers, “I need you to call 911, someone is in the back room and I hear someone screaming for help and loud noises like fighting. I called 911 at 8 and no one is here. I was afraid to go out the front door so I climbed out of the bedroom window. Please just call them.” 

Me “Are you okay?” 

Husband “Yes, just please call the police they still aren’t here I called at 8.”

Me “Okay, I’m calling now, I’ll call you back.”

I speed walk to my Leads desk as I’m dialing 911 and tell him something about might have to leave and someone breaking into my house. 

Operator: “911, what’s your emergency?” 

Me: “My name is Donica Antonino, I’m at work and got a call from my husband who says someone broke into our house and he called 911 since 8 pm. No one has responded. No cops are there. Someone was yelling for help. We don’t know how many people are in there.”

Operator: “Ok, ma’am what is the address?”

Me: tells her the address

Operator: “Ok, I see the call,…… I’m not sure what’s going on with this call…….. I’m dispatching someone….. we’re getting someone out there as soon as possible. ”

Me: “My husband called since 8 o’clock, why isnt there anyone there yet?”

Operator: “It looks like there was another emergency within close proximity.”

Me: “I’m leaving work to go there now.”

Operator: “I’ll let the officers know you’re on your way. Please don’t go in the house. What kind of vehicle are you driving?”

Me: describes vehicle

Operator: “ok, I’ve updated the report. Drive safely.”

I hang up and let my lead know I have to go. 

I made it home in 6 minutes. It usually takes 12.

I arrive and there are 3 police units and 6 police behind me another one is pulling in.

I’m shaking. I see my neighbors outside. I don’t see me husband. I go around and see them coming out of the back room. My husband looks shaken. An officer is asking him questions. Everything is spinning. Tunnel vision kicks in. I go up to the officer and I can smell his cologne before I reach them. I also smell grass. Weird. I start answering the officer’s questions on Autopilot. I ask him why it took so long for them to get there he nervously says thye just got the call at 10. My heart sinks, that’s the time I called. My huband shows the officer and I his phone he called 911 4 times in 2 hours. No one was sent out until I called.

You might ask me why this is so upsetting to me. My husband is a native Mexican. From the capital. His English is broken. My husband asked for a translator on the first call. He called 4 times in 2 hours. No one was dispatched. I’m angry. I’m saddened. I’m disappointed. Never, never have I ever felt so dismayed with my country. This is my country. Where I was born. My mother and father were born. My grandparents and great grandparents were born here. 

I’m sure this was discrimination. After all was said and done there were two other neighbors with damage to their homes. The park manager came over to tell us he too called the police approximately around the same time due to damages to a home 3 houses down. Everyone who called the police had heavily accented English. Except me. 7 calls 4 different people. 2 hours before the first unit showed up. 

I’m so lost and broken inside. All hope for humanity and or country is shattered. My country discriminated against my own. My family. The man who’s last name I chose. He works hard. We just bought this home and are still working on fixing everything up. 

We had just painted that room. The furniture is broken. There’s 3 broken windows. There is blood everywhere, lots of blood, and I mean everywhere. The breaker box to the entire house was kicked and damaged. Equipment we had in there thrown around. We estimate the damage around 5 thousand dollars, at minimum. 

The subject was in my house for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes,  destroying my home. My safe haven. My neighbors to the north have 2 small children. My neighbor to the south has a teenager. 7 calls 2 hours…… 

7 calls to 911 within a 2 hour period. The only call they dispatched was the one for the person who speaks perfect English. 

To help out with the cost to repair the damage Click Here.

Graphic Images of the damage can be seen by clicking the link.