There are days when my body aches. There are times when my heart aches. There are moments when my soul breaks. Shattered into an infinite number of pieces. Moments when everything feels wrong and off kilter. I feel empty and lacking. I can never tell if these feelings belong to me from this life or another. Only that the pain runs so strong and so deep nothing can seal the gaping hole it leaves behind. I’m called by some,  dramatic. I’m not, what I feel, the way I feel, is passion. The strongest of it’s kind. Pure and unbridled passion. It evokes something deep within my being, and it’s painful, as if something is trapped inside me and wants to explode to the surface. Like I’m awakening. Like I’m being thrown into a place i just don’t belong. 

I find that after a while this unexplained passion that flows through me quiets as if to let my mind, body and soul breathe like the ebb and flow of chidbirth. I feel empty in these times. Missing the ache of  that passion. 

Maybe I am not of this life. Things don’t make sense here. 

This body is a shell. Sometimes full sometimes empty. 
Goodnight beautiful world.