It hurts to much to think about

All the things I put you through

It brings a tear to my eye knowing

How much this must hurt you


If only I could take it back

If I could turn back time

If only I could heal the pain

I caused when you were mine


No time no place no mystery

Will ever begin to compare

To all the love an history

That you and I have shared


The battle lies within my heart

As it always does

But this time it tore us apart

This won’t be as it was


I know that time will heal you

And maybe one more beer

One thing I know will remain true

I’ll forever live in fear


I fear I won’t forget you

I fear that I won’t move on

It really breaks my heart in two

Yet time will carry on


Somehow I never find the words

That truly can describe

The pain I feel when you aren’t there

The way I feel alive


I know I can’t compare you

Because truly no one does

It’s really just not fair for you two

No one said life was