Don’t really care who’s wrong or right.
No one ever wins in a fight.
Both people always end up hurt,
if there’s a child, it’s even worse.
I don’t understand how love just dies.
It may just be a matter of telling lies.
People always think just of themselves.
Don’t care what happens to anyone else.
Others could die from a broken heart.
But the other is granted a brand new start.
I think when you promise someone forever,
you should be strong and make it together.
It’s not necessary to sign a paper,
all hope it’s lost once there’s a wager.
Listen, I know life is no easy feat,
but you can relate it to how we eat.
The better you nourish your body and mind,
the more happiness that your likely to find.
Some people walk the world thinking of homicide,
Giving in to the gimmicks of genocide.
Why can’t we have peace on earth?
Don’t we all realize what we’re worth.
I just don’t get it, all this pain and hurt,
I only can see it’s not what we deserve.
Sometimes I wish for a better future,
but somehow I think the feeling ain’t mutual.
What do you hope for when you dream at night?
What do you think of when you’re feeling high?
What is the reason that you don’t digress?
Are you afraid of said happiness?
Seriously what is this world coming to.
Our babies killing each other on the news.
Better yet, what are we going to do,
I know we can fix this, just me and you.
Because me and you can go on forever.
Let’s build as beautiful world together.
No more fighting no more getting lost
Cherish what we have, not what we all want.
Money and drugs aren’t the key to life.
They’ve proven they add to the pain and strife.
Let’s hold out our hands and help each other
Don’t turn your back, let’s heal one another.
I know it ain’t easy, nothing good ever is
But if we stick together I know that we’ll win.
Let’s go make the world a better place
Where we are all that matters, not religion or race.
We have a big battle but we shall overcome
Do what ye will, let it harm none.
I say these words with hope in my heart
We are all looking for a brand new start.
We are all fickle, we all have needs
As my will, so mote it be.