A young finch waited too long one winter for its flight south and had to make the journey alone. Flying high above the earth it encountered a fierce winter storm which quickly turned the young finch into a little ball of ice. As he was hurtling towards earth the young finch was sure that death was imminent.

 But luck was on the little finche’s side. For a cow traveling through that area had just left a fresh pile of dung that the little finch landed into.

 Upon self examination the little finch realized that nothing was broken and that he was going to be all right. Furthermore the warm cow dung was thawing him out. The little finch felt so good that he began to chirp and sing.

 In a nearby field a cat heard all this raucous and proceeded to investigate. The little finch could not believe his good fortune when his new found friend started to dig him out.

 Then the cat ate him.

  There are 3 lessons you must take with you from this parable my kind readers.

 1. When you are up to your neck in cow shit, that is not always a bad thing.

 2. He who comes to your rescue, is not always your friend.

 3. If you have your health and are happy…keep your damn mouth shut.