Pentagram with a circle around it

English: Wicca Blessing Symbol



My dearest friends and readers,

I know that I have been away for a while with minimum posts and few communications. I would really like to thank those of you who have continually checked in on my blog. Life has been giving me the usual ups and downs.  The difference is that life is going pretty well for me. I feel as though the reason is because I found my path again. My life has always been surrounded by magik. No matter where I go, what life I lead, magik will manifest from nothing.

Some say Jesus makes these things happen, others say that God will never lead you astray. I like to say that life has a balance and its own energy. We all have our own energy and what we chose to do with it is up to each of us. Wicca is the path I chose many years ago when I was trying to find my way.

Work has definitely been good to me. My job is turning in to my life and I love it! My employer is amazing and my co-workers are just as much. I can truly see myself here for a long time to come. Everyday I’m inspired to grow and move on up in the world.

Hector is well, I am well, we became pet parents in January to a beautiful Chorkie who I named Charlie Tango. Yes, he is named after a fictional Helicopter owned by the Fictional character Christian Grey in the love trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey.

Just wanted you all to have a little update . . . I have so much more to say but it’s so late 😦 I’ll be back this weekend after the holiday.

Many Blessings!