After almost nine years, it’s finally truly over. We talked liked two old friends. We are amicable. Shortly after the New Year, he will leave peacefully. It’s a huge burden off my shoulders. I love him. I always will, because if you love, truly love, it never dies. It’s for the best. We both know it. He says he is proud of me for finally coming clean. He says he’s okay and we will never lose each other. Ultimately, that’s all I ever wanted. He’s my best friend, truly my best friend. The one who picked me up off the floor and made me realize, there’s more to life than a line and a shot. That I should never give up fighting for my dreams. The man who truly made a woman out of me.  The man who taught me about life, love and what friends and family really is. I thank him for that. . . I’ll show I’m grateful by being a good sister, a good friend and a good person.