“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Gandhi

I woke up this morning with a headache that would not stop and thought to myself ‘Self, you really should stay home under the warm blanket’. Instead I groaned myself out of bed and got ready to come to my amazing job. I know you must be thinking that was sarcasm, but it wasn’t, I really love my job. I love coming to work everyday and seeing the people, I love being the person people turn to when they need something done for their business. I enjoy the conversations I have with each one of our clients here at Quest Workspaces. That being said, You must know that this morning when I walked outside my apartment it was a monsoon! Most of my readers are friends so you all know D does not have a car so I throw on my raincoat and grab my umbrella for extra dryness and walk across the street to the bus stop.

Now, how many of you can say that you love where you work? how many of you would have called in claiming sick, or an emergency  or even worked from home just to not battle the rain. I’m going to assume a lot of you. This example is exactly how we treat others and the earth. We go around grumbling everyday about who did what or how that one didn’t do this. When was the last time you took a good look at your life and eliminated all of the bad that you have accumulated into it? You know that just yesterday you told someone how that girl from accounting smells bad and the guy from the mail room looks like a praying mantis. Now tell me, in the time it took you to say those few words, who is to say that someone in the accounting department who is friends with ‘the smelly one’ didn’t walk past or hear you in the other room. Not only did you ruin their day because now they have to carry the guilt of what they heard, but you have ruined your reputation as a good person, which you very well may be.

So, on a personal level, who are you? what do you stand for? what do you believe in? what are you willing to sacrifice to make you a better individual?

Have you ever seen that insurance commercial where one person sees another doing something good and is inspired to do something good for someone else? We are a lot like that. So before you go talking about the smelly girl in accounting, as yourself this, what have I done to change the world today? because that one little thing you do can lead to great things. That one small ripple in the ocean of life can cause a tsunami somewhere. Next time you see that girl give her a smile and a warm hello. That could be all she needs to realize that someone knows she exists. Heck she may even throw some deodorant tomorrow.

Be noble, be docile, be ready . . . The world needs change. The world needs us. The world needs saving. I hate hearing someone say “well, I’m just one person, what difference does it make?” Trust me when I tell you this, you make a difference. You may not think that you do, you may not see the difference you make, but you do. Somewhere someone will know that one person made a difference and today it could have been me, tomorrow, it could be you. If you have money, donate to charity. If you have time, give it to someone who needs help. Those two things can take this world to new heights. There are children starving everyday in every country across the globe, there are animals on our very streets looking for a warm place to sleep and food to fill their tummy. There are abused, abandoned and neglected children here in the US.

Reach out . . . touch a life . . . Change the world

 “To the world you may be one person 

but to one person you may be the world.” 

~ Bill Wilson 


To donate to one of my favorite causes, I have provided a list: