People say that if you love something, you let it go and if it comes back, then, it’s yours or “meant to be”. I disagree. I believe that if you love something or even want something bad enough, you have to work hard to get it and you have to work even harder to keep it. Life is a constant struggle, a battle, a war even. Nothing comes free, everything has its price. Even love.

 Having had a job since I was 14 years old, I can’t imagine my life without working. Anytime I’ve had more than a long weekend away from a job I have almost always nearly gone off the deep end. Working regardless of the job has become like breathing for me. Whether it’s working on my Facebook fan page, writing for my blog, doing some sort of charity work and of course there has been schoolwork for the past nearly 3 years and of course my full time job.

The last few months have been a little strange for me. I find that I want to relax more, I find myself reading a lot of works of fiction; mostly Romance and Vampire novels. I also am feeling the need to write more and more. Never before have I had the need to sit down with pencil and paper and just write. Not ever really anything in specific. Sometimes I find that I’ve written an entire poem or a 5 page letter to my father. Occasionally I feel the need to take that writing and post it on my blog but as soon as I start typing, I regret it and stop myself.

So what does any of this have to do with love or working hard or “getting what you deserve”? Everything and nothing. This is just me ranting about how life is tough and you should battle it out. Never ever give up on your dreams, and realize that sometimes your dreams change and shift. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Sometimes life takes you in a different direction than you planned to go. Go with it. Give it your all. Cry when you want to, laugh when it feels right, love with all you have and live your life like you want because in the end you are the one who will have a life filled with either memories or regrets. Image