Throughout history men have always been the “superior sex”, they were the providers, Hence the phrase “Man of the House“. Men were typically stronger, faster and smarter. Since then, women have really made a mark in not only the US but in many countries were the battle for women’s equality has been fought for centuries.

Yesterday, after a long day of work, I stopped by my dear friend (We will call him Dan) Dan’s office to drop off some mail that arrive at my office for him and to chat about the events of the week. Somewhere along the conversation we started talking about my relationship with my boyfriend of eight years. He has hasn’t had a job for about 6 months now and apparently a couple of the girls in his office have guys who aren’t really working either. As girls we all joke about finding “Sugar daddy’s” to take care of the financial aspect that the love in our lives aren’t really stepping up to. I started thinking about all the Girlfriends I have that have men who don’t work. The head count is 6 not including me! My friend Dan likes to call them “Lazy”. Are they lazy or are they truly letting us take the reins? Financial matters have never been my strong suit. I’m a compulsive shopper, I don’t see the point of saving when I might die tomorrow. I mean I’ll save a little, like for a rainy day or for a small emergency. My boyfriend says I should at least put away 3 months worth of whatever my monthly expenses are. HA! That’s funny. If I die tomorrow who’s getting that money that I worked hard to get?

When it comes to decisions about moving or buying a car or even getting a pet, my loving boyfriend has always been the one to take over. I did all the cooking, cleaning laundry, shopping and all the fun things that make being a woman worth it. Hector (my BF) hasn’t had a job since Just before Thanksgiving of last year. He now stays home, cooks, cleans, does the laundry and sometimes does the shopping too. I however, get up early, go to work, pay all the bills including the rent. Stiff I never had to do in the past. Even living on my own, I always had a roommate who took care of paying everything so all I did was hand over the cash to them.

I know we fought and fight every day to be considered equals, but is this what it has come down to? Have we fought so hard that we are now switching the role of what “the man of the house” is? Are we ready to take the reins and become the head of household? Are we ready to take on the man’s role? Better yet, are men ready to let us? Are these men who have taken care of us, worked for us, defended us and all at the same time oppressed us ready for us to step in their shoes and take care of them? Provide for them? Work for them? Stand up for them?

Is it possible that we are evolving from a world where Men reign to a world where men and women reign equally? I men have we truly reached equality? I would like to think so. Many things point to this, take for example jobs, careers that were once considered  feminine, nurses, secretaries, receptionist, babysitters just to name a few. All of these are now being done by men. Real men, men who go to the gym, men who play basketball, men who golf. . . . Now look at careers that used to be considered masculine or “for men only“, engineers, senators, car repairmen (or should I say car repairwomen) and even yard and construction work. All these fields are now being flooded with women who excel incredibly at them.


So, in a world where men used to provide, where do we stand as women? Are we now the new Man?