Okay, I get it. The thing is, beating a dead horse isn’t going to bring it back to life. Kicking a man while they are down isn’t going to help you win the fight. Sometimes, you have to bite your tongue, keep your cool and swallow your pride. When you work in an office with different types of people, expect diversity, expect to see things that are out of the ordinary. What you should not do is judge the people around you, insult their way of life or practices. When you do these things, you aren’t really insulting the other party you are insulting yourself, you are only making yourself look bad. You give yourself a bad reputation of the “shit talker”, “instigator” or even someone who can’t be trusted. When people lose respect for you they stop listening to what you have to say and if you had some kind of authority, you can bet people won’t respect your position any longer. So, enough is enough already, get over your issue, stop having this conniption fit and let’s be grown up about the issues you are having. 

That is all, Thank you!