A little over a year ago I started randomly blogging about my life as it was, the blogs were very few and far between. It all started with the following blog: http://wp.me/pVaD3-2q

Please feel free to recap on that. . .

Today, I look at my life, the life that I built with the choices I was offered. I can’t stop to wonder how things would have been because it’s a waste of time. I can only work hard to build the best future for me and my loved ones. I have learned many lessons along the way. I realize that nothing matters more than family, with all of their faults and quirks. No matter how much my Mother has neglected any part of us, she loves us. She has done the best she knew how. Which wasn’t much to begin with. She still tries to show us the way but it is usually not the way she means. LOL I’m half way away from having a degree in Psychology and My GPA is still an amazing 3.34 which is more than I can say for most. I still have issues, lol I probably always will. I still live with the only man who has ever been unconditional and been able to out up with my crap. February will be 8 years! I still can’t believe it sometimes, especially since I’m such a baby sometimes, and he is too (most of the time ;P). My 16 year old sister Gloria just had a beautiful baby girl, Eva Inez Aldaco. I’m super excited to have a new baby in the family, yet, I’m very disappointed that my 16 year old sis is the one who brought her into this world. She is so young and naive. I love her and that baby more than life itself, but I’m so scared for her, there is soo much responsibility in raising a child. Life is hard enough for a 16 yr old, but for a 16 yr old with a baby. . . SMH. I haven’t been able to sleep much lately worried about her and the babe. They live with my sister Martha, who btw hates me, and I don’t get to see them everyday. I don’t even get to talk to them everyday.

Hector and I are good, he seems happier since we moved to the beach. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we have moved to Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL, I live a block south of the Commercial Boulevard Pier right on A1A, on the beach side. 🙂 Makes me smile knowing that we have finally achieved one of our goals together. I care for him like I’ve never cared for anyone, I may not love him like I want to because you can’t make your heart change its beat. He takes care of me, he is an AMAZING lover, and he puts me in my place which can be difficult to manage sometimes. He has known the darkest side of me like no one else, he knows my killer instinct and my fiery passions. . . He is still a mystery to me, I know only what we’ve lived and what he’s carefully selected to tell me. He is indeed an enigma. A puzzle I’m no closer, in 8 years, of putting together. Funny thing is he likes simple things: going to beach, good food, good music, intelligent company and like me, hard-working no excuses and no bullshit friends. Difference is I take a while to decide if someone meets the qualifications of a real friend, he just knows. Must come with age.

Speaking of friends, I find that I have dwindled in the number of people who like my company and that is perfectly fine by me, because the way I see it, I’m a giving person, a good listener as well as a good at vocalizing my thoughts and opinions, I am funny, I’m silly, I’m smart, I’m intelligent, I know who I am, who I love and where I stand in life. It took me a loooong time to get here, what matters now is the friends that are still around. Katherine Messina, Cindy Guzman, Leah Dehler, Zoraley Reid & Zolimar Casablanca(even though they are technically family), D’andra Ortega, Teti Diaz (& associates), and a few recent additions including Sherri Marchese, Kathy Hynes and Cindy Green. There are also those of who I consider my friends which drift in and out merrily and there are just way too many to mention. For the few mentioned and the ones I couldn’t think of, Thank you! For being true unconditional friends with knowledgeable advice and a shoulder when I need it. You are the ones that know what a hurricane my life has been. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, I would like you to know that you are appreciated. To show my appreciation, on my birthday I’m throwing a party were my guests are the recipients of the gifts not me. It’s gift enough for me to have them there with their families.

My life is far from perfect, I fall in love with the unattainable because I believe in the power of positive energy and if you can dream it you can achieve it. For every time I’ve fallen off my cloud, I just got up and dusted off the debris and started climbing again. There is no loss in trying, only in not believing you can achieve it.