Sooooo, I went with my co-worker to the gas station just over the intracoastal bridge on Oakland park which is right next to my job, She decided she was going to have a sandwich from the Quiznos in the gas station. She asked me to order her sandwich so she could pump the gas in her car. She gives me her order and goes out to pump the gas. I walk up to the order taker and tell her I need a small Chicken Bacon Dipper combo, the other employee says to me “The small is really really small”, I ignore her comment and continue to tell my order taker that I don’t want any tomatoes in it and would like a bowl of their broccoli cheese soup, the other employee comes closer to us and says again “the Small is reeeaally small” and holds up her hands to show me how small it is. I realize at that moment that she is telling me that the small sandwich is not going to be enough food for my FAT AASSSS!!! . . . . . I will never eat at QUIZNOS AGAIN! :/