I’m writing this letter from the deepest part of my heart and with the biggest love I have. I want you to know that I am very very sorry for what I have done in my life to make you so miserable. I’m sorry that my father was an asshole and did whatever he may have done. I’m sorry that Grandma didn’t raise you and wasn’t able to be there like she should have been. I’m sorry you were abused as a child. I’m sorry people betrayed you and used you. I’m sorry that you turned to drugs, alcohol and other things to kill the pain you felt in your heart. I’m sorry I was born when you were so young and you didn’t know how to care for me. I’m sorry that you had to bring me back in your life when I was ten and I was a total stranger. I’m sorry I turned into your husband toy of choice. I’m sorry I conceived his child at 14. I’m sorry you had to decide to get rid of that baby. I’m sorry I almost kicked Chris out of your belly when I didn’t know you were pregnant with him. I’m sorry I turned into a terrible teenager who lived to hate you. I’m sorry I wound up at Brookwood. I’m sorry I told the counselors about your husband before I told you. I’m sorry he convinced you I was lying. I’m sorry The girls had to go to Mexico to live so they wouldn’t be taken away. I’m sorry they hate me. I’m sorry He lied. I’m sorry you didn’t believe me. I’m sorry I came back in your life. I’m sorry you married him. I’m sorry he degrades you. I’m sorry he is in your life. I’m sorry you are so far away and I can’t help you. I’m sorry I try so hard to make you proud. I’m sorry your dependent on him. I’m sorry I can never do enough. I’m sorry you love him. I’m sorry I loved him. I’m sorry to do this. . . . But most important of all. . .

I’m sorry to say that I can’t live my life with you in it anymore, I can’t live my life trying to help you be a better person. I Love You! I’m sorry you can’t love me they way I love you. God Bless you always.