Sooooo. . . Haven’t Blogged in a while but here I am again and writers block is definitely looming. . . I’m mostly not sure what I should say because I’m sure there are some people who may . . . no, no . . . who WILL get offended at what I might say. You know what. . . IDGAF anymore! It is what it is. . .

There is nothing I hate more than a LIAR!! Not just a liar but someone who lies and truly TRUUULY thinks you believe the bull they feed you. REEEAALLY??!!! I’m completely offended if you think that knowing what I know and seeing how you are, I’m going to sit here and (number one) trust you, (number two) believe anything that comes out of that hole you have for a mouth. . . HAHA! Jokes on you! you are a dumbass! LMAO It’s funny though because every time you are all up in my face talking shit about someone else and telling me what a great friend I am, I’m gritting my teeth and bawling my fist because I know what a hypocrite you are! I have never had to restrain myself this much! I keep telling you that KARMA is my close and personal friend. But, hey, you are the one who has to live with YOURSELF and your CONCIENCE, if you even have one. Seriously, I have no Idea how I wind up with such DOUCHEBAGS as friends. So me a favor will you, get the FUCK over yourself and take a long look in the mirror. I once heard someone say “Get on my LEVEL BITCH!” LOL Really, get on mine, intellectually, morally, verbally and personally! I’m really not all that but You don’t have anything on my pinky toe!!!!

Phew! now that I got that off my chest. . . Other than the occasional idiot that gets in my way all is running smoothly!! 🙂 LML ALL SMILEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!