I hate the fact that the title bar is at the top of the page! I never ever know what the heck I’m going to call my post until the end. therefore I think the title bar should go on the bottom. . .

Anyhow . .  . Here I am at the library on a saturday. . . LOL doing homework and studying. . . I talked to my baby sister Goya today. I realize that she is my reason for living! She is my reason for moving forward and progressing. I know that I am not alone. She gives me hope. I may not agree with the fact that she wants to get married so young, but I want nothing more than her happiness. I want to hear it in her voice through all those miles between us. I want to hear her voice and know that she is okay. I Love her and My mother more than my own life. she said something today that brought tears to my eyes “You have to take advantage of the people you have in your life.” I want to make sure that everyone understand what she means by that. . . she means cherish the people who mean something in your life. . . and those that mean nothing, lol well, you know what to do with them.

I loved talking to her today, I have new meaning to my life knowing that she is truly happy. I miss her and I know I will be there the day she walks down the aisle because she means that much to me. . . goyita I love you mama!!