So, I was talking to my roomate this morning. . . LMAO. . . wow some people are sooo ignorant!!! WTH! and the worst part is they don’t WANT to get educated. The conversation went a little something like this. . . (while watching the morning news)

him: Fuck that, I wouldn’t snitch on anyone, let them bitches get killed.

me: you know they’re talking about officers vs. gang members?

him: yeah, let them pigs get killed.

me: then who’s you gonna call when someone is breaking in your house taking your flatscreen?

him: (silence)

me: uh huh. . . . (later on the news they talk about early election)

me: wow I can’t believe its been 2 years for Obama

him: yeah, how long is a term

me: 4 years, I’d vote for him again

him: shit, i wouldn’t vote for any of them

me: well then don’t complain when laws you don’t like get passed cuz you don’t vote.

him: Obama isn’t doing anything anyway.

me: list of things Obama has done including the healthcare reform.

him: (silence) . . . . the news talks about the democratic party

him: I’m not affiliated to anything

me: that’s cuz you’re illegal LOL

him: sooo, I could be a republican

me: a republican? really?

him: yeah I know all about ya’lls democracy

me: you don’t know the first thing about a democracy, who makes the laws in a democratic government?

him: the President Duh!!!

me: Rotflmao here let me explain. . .

him: man, you can’t educate me. . .

me: you’re right arguing with an idiot is only proving there are two. . .

him: (silence)

me: Smiling with satisfaction LMAO