♥ Hmmmm I guess I have to say that this has truly been an experience for me. . . Life has a really strange way of throwing curves at you . . . I miss the days when all I had to worry about was whens the next show start or when does the next table come in. . . 🙂 I miss real people, my real friends. Seems lately I am surrounded with nothing but a bunch of fakes. I seem to be growing out of the everyday chatter about “Did you see what she was wearing?” and the “I can’t believe she had the nerve” lines that I seem to hear a lot lately. It feels as if my mind has expanded to a new level of maturity. All of the emotions I spent on “why did she says that?” and “I thought she was my friend” seem distant and irrelevant to the life I keep pushing toward. It seems as though my heart has learned to pump through the insecurities and pound through the pain I once let run my life and consume my existance.

I look in the mirror and don’t see the girl I felt like I still was until a short time ago, I see the woman I always wanted to be. The mirror reflects a woman who has learned to much for her time and not enough for her own good. The security I see in my own eyes is astonishing and whats even more surprising is the feeling of accomplishment that lingers when I think of all of the people who told me that I would amount to nothing.

Puts a presumptuous smile on my face to think of all of the simpleminded plebeians who can’t muddle through their existence without muttering rubbish about me  . . . As a dear aquaintance of mine likes to say “Love me or hate me, you still talk about me.” I enjoy that thought. 🙂